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Project Due Date and Start Dates Wish

I have a couple of reoccurring projects that I complete many times over the year for different clients so I have a couple of "Master" projects that I copy and rename for the appropriate client that I am currently working with.  The checklists, sub-tasks and due date timelines for these projects remain pretty much the same for each of the sub-tasks in relation to the due date for the project. 

Here is where the "wish" part of this comes in.  It would be awesome to be able to set a Due Date for the project and then have all the Due Dates for each Checklist and Sub Task automatically set.  So for example, I set the project due date for July 1st, and then the due date on sub-task 1 is automatically set for 30 days prior to July 1st, the due date on sub-task 2 is automatically set for 40 days prior to July 1st, the due date on sub-task 3 is automatically set for 41 days prior to July 1st, etc, etc, etc.

Some of these projects have 50-60 sub-tasks and I currently have to set the due date for each one of these every time I copy the "Master Project" and set it up for a new project/customer and this is very time consuming.

Essentially each sub-task or checklist would need a "Due Date In Relation To Project Due Date" field.  This field would check the Due Date field in the Project and then self assign its own due date in relation to the Project due date.   This would allow a much easier way to manage the due dates of Sub-tasks and checklists on repeating. Projects 

The second "wish" would be to have the above work with Start Dates as well, I'm not asking too much am I :)

Thanks for such a great product and the possible consideration of this addition.

Thanks for posting the idea Shayne. I can certainly see where something like this would be helpful for your particular case. I'll have to mull that one in my brain of how it could be done without making it all complicated. I have thought about how we could, at some point, add in some sort of task templates (for projects specifically), and maybe if we get around to doing that, this could be part of it.


Hi Boyd, yes a Project/Task Template is, I guess exactly what I am looking for, or at least the ability to make my our own templates which is what I currently do on my own by making a "Master" Project that I copy and rename every time I want to reproduce it.  And yes, not making it complicated may be the toughest part of the implementation, but in the end I think it would be another major accomplishment for Todo Cloud. 

If you are able to put something together I would be more than happy to spend some time helping test it or offering some input (if you like).

Thanks again for the consideration.


I would also like to be able to create a project template where subtask due dates are determined by the project due date.

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