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[All] Postpone single instance of repeating task

It would be interesting if one could postpone the current instance of a reocurring task for a few hours or days (without compromising the due date of future instances of this task). Right now you could either do nothing and your task becomes overdue, or you change the due date a few days, but this will also affect future instances of this task.

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This can be done using the postpone option in the quick menu.


Hello Jeff,

Unfortunately not, as this will affect all future occurrances as well. What i am looking for is that only the current occurrence is postponed.

For example, say i have a task that repeats every 1st day of each month. Now i can't always do this task on the first, sometimes its the second, or the third, or ....  So i want to be able to postpone THIS OCCURENCE ONLY and put it 1 or 2 days later. But when it is finished, i want it next month on the first day of the month again.

Hope it is clear now.



Thank you for that clarification. I have marked this as deferred for now, but this will be reviewed by our developers and my be implemented in a future update.


A work around to accomplish this is to do the following:
-Mark the task as complete
-Once the repeating task is created mare the task you just completed as incomplete
-You may now change the date of this task and it should not affect future occurrences of the task


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