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Task duration

Is it possible to add how long a task is estimated to take please?

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It would be great to have an actual timer that you can start and stop, so that you could track your time spent on each task. I have been searching for years for an app that would combine the functionality of GTD task management with time tracking. There are no (affordable) apps for iOS and desktop which provide both features. I believe that desktop is necessary for data entry as well as reporting and printing customization features.

There are many iPhone/iPad apps that can provide GTD task management and time tracking, but I know of no (Apple) desktop/iPhone/iPad apps that do both. It is frustrating to have to re-type or copy and paste my to-do's and projects into a separate time tracking app (currently I'm trying two iPhone apps: ATracker Pro and aTimeLogger, and Paymo-- which also provides a desktop app. I also use RescueTime for Mac to automatically log the applications I use, and PlaceMe to geotag locations I've visited. I know that what I describe (especially the geotagging) sounds awfully risky as far as privacy goes --employees of Appigo (or hackers) could access and exploit private details about my life such as where I live and shop, and where my children go to school. But this information is also readily available to employees of MasterCard and American Express, and since they have figured out a way to keep it confidential, surely Appigo could use their strategies. The upside for me is that time sheets would be simplified, and when I need to remember what I did on Tuesday of last week at 10:00am, I could look it up in one app. In addition I could view, track, and budget my time by life area-- (personal, work, and family).  

Another workaround is to add tags like 2 Hours, 30 Minutes, 10 Minutes etc. then filter by tag.

This would be a great enhancement!!! Especially if you could sort it by duration, so that you could group your shorter durations together on a separate list



A work around for this may be to add your time estimate to the end or beginning or your tasks name, or at the begging of the notes.

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