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Type in Edit Task Screen

At the bottom of the task edit window is a choice called "type".  There are 2 sections in "type".  One lets us pick normal, project, or checklist.  The 2nd section lets us pick things like email, sms, visit website, etc.  I hoped this was the type of reminder we would receive, but obviously not.  I want ToDo to either text or email me the reminder at the alert time that I set.  

Instead, all I get is a VERY temporary notification on my mac screen & iPhone.  Once the notification goes away, it's gone.  If I'm busy at the time of the notification (which is almost a certainty at ALL times), I miss it & I'm out of luck.

I need to be able to record actions in projects, share with my husband, & receive notices to remind me to make calls or take actions.  ToDo is almost perfect for this except for the notifications.

If the "type" section in task edit isn't to choose the type of notification you receive then what is it for?

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Hi Mia,

The 'Type' field allows you specify the type of action is required to complete the task, e.g. phone someone, email someone, visit a website. It then provides you with a way to launch that action, e.g. on the iPhone it provides a shortcut to dial a phone number or send an SMS, on your Mac it can launch Safari, etc.

With regards to notifications, Todo Cloud does have the capability to send email notifications when someone adds, deletes or changes a task. See the options in settings.

And on your Mac / iPhone / iPad you can set Todo notifications to 'Alert' type rather than 'Banner' type and this will ensure the notification remains visible until dismissed.

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