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[All] Add the ability to set a default Start date

I use the start date function on all my tasks. Under the system defaults you can automatically set the due date to eg 'today'. Could you please allow the defaults to set the start date to 'today' in a similar way as generally the tasks kick off on the date when I enter them. By the way the quick menu is now looking great.

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Jeff, No, not universally to 'Today', but frequently. Sometimes you know you can't start something till later (and defer) - or you realise that this was something you have been or should have been doing for a while (so you push the date back). But most of the time 'Today' is appropriate. Having variable start dates helps sort out long lists of tasks with the same end date - which you typically get with those tasks which you ought to do within a certain timeframe, but which have no real hard and fast external deadline. So when looking at a whole slew of things you set to do by 31 Jan, starting with the ones you entered first (with that time date of 'Today') isn't a bad strategy. So I would use a start date default pretty much as I do the due date default - it would get it right for me most of the time without having to set every detail every time. Hope this helps Simon

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+1 for the ability to set a default start date

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Do you set your start date to 'Today' for all the tasks you create? What criteria do you use when setting a start date?


+1 for default start date also

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