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[Todo for Mac & Web] Ability to print single tasks

It would be great, if I could print out ToDos, not only as a list, but as single ToDo...

One ToDo as only one printout.


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 Are you referring to Todo for Mac, Todo Cloud Web, or Todo on an iOS device?

This can be done currently in Todo on your iOS device. Simply open the task edit screen, scroll to the bottom, and select print.

Can this be done on ToDo for Mac? I thought i used to be able to but now I can't figure it out. The 'print' menu icon is grayed out.. 


Todo for Mac is only able to print a list or what is displayed on the screen. A good work around is to create a tag called "print" then add this tag to the task you want to print. Enable the tag filter for "print" and then select File > Print from the menu bar.


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