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A 'select all' option when editing multiple tasks would be great

When editing multiple tasks it would help to have the option to select / unselect all tasks at once

It is very nerve-racking to select each task individually when you need to apply a change to all tasks in a long task list. This happens to me quite often when I reorganize my tasks, but also in daily business, for instance when I use checklists. In checklists this would be an easy way to reset the list, e.g. a shopping list.

Samples of application:

  • Move (almost) all tasks from one to another list
  • Reset a shopping list, packing list etc.
  • Postpone all tasks to another date (after your vacation)
  • Assign all tasks to your new assistant
  • etc.

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This sounds like a great idea. One problem is that when using the action button only 25 tasks can be selected at a time. If this receives enough votes it may be something we explore further.
If the app has been "upgraded" why would the functionality be reduced? I need to revert to the previous edition of todo. I need to print all tasks on occasion and there are 200+ tasks.


I've reported this to our development team for further review, we're sorry for the inconveniences caused. 

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