What Some Apps Do and the Pitfalls of this Method

Apple has not provided a mechanism for app developers to access Siri directly from apps. Apple has, however, provided developer access to tasks stored in the Reminders app using the Event Kit Framework. This framework allows app developers to read and manipulate tasks stored in the Reminders app from within their own apps.

What are the pitfalls of this method?

  • Users must launch the third party app before the app (and its corresponding service, if any) knows anything about newly created Siri tasks
  • Newly created tasks from one device will not be available to a user's other devices in the third party app until you launch the third party app on both devices
  • Any corresponding third party app sync service will not know about the newly created task unless you launch the third party app on the device
  • When newly created Siri tasks do not appear on other devices because of the reasons mentioned above, it causes frustration, confusion, and ultimately a poor app experience for users of the app

A Better Approach for a Multi-Device Environment

The Todo Cloud service can make tasks created with Siri available almost immediately to people using Todo and Todo Cloud apps. Newly created Siri tasks are made available across all devices without requiring users to first launch the Todo Cloud app on the device where they used Siri.

The Todo Cloud service provides this by providing a CalDAV interface that iOS devices can connect with. When you ask Siri to create a new task, the new task is immediately uploaded into your Todo Cloud account's Inbox. As soon as you launch Todo Cloud on any of your devices, the new Siri task will be synced directly into your device's Todo Cloud inbox.

Having Siri tasks available immediately to all your devices saves you the step of needing to launch the Todo Cloud app. It's even possible to create a task in your Todo Cloud account without even installing the Todo Cloud app on your iOS device (because the task is uploaded directly to www.Todo-Cloud.com using CalDAV).

What are the Benefits of Todo Cloud's Siri Integration?

  • You do not have to remember to launch the Todo Cloud app on your device after creating a task with Siri to get Todo to know about the task
  • Newly created Siri tasks are immediately pushed to your Todo Cloud account's Inbox and are available to all your devices
  • Creating Todo Cloud tasks with Siri can be done without even installing Todo Cloud on your iOS device
  • Less confusion when creating tasks with Siri because the tasks are available on all devices almost immediately

To configure your Todo Cloud account to use Siri, follow the instructions shown in the Creating Tasks with Siri article.