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January 28, 2020

  • Version 10.4.8
    • Released updated Todo Cloud Mac and Windows apps.

    • Added the ability to edit comments

    • Added Team Creation button to the header of the app

    • Added user-profile image for comments

    • Added persistent deletion option in the confirmation prompt

    • Added list sorting in the header of the app

    • Improved Checklist subtask sorting

    • Fixed a UI issue with the search field

    • Fixed a bug preventing drag and drop to the last position in the list

    • A number of other performance improvements. 

January 23, 2020

  • Version 10.4.7
    • Fixed a bug preventing the show more completed tasks button from being displayed

    • A number of under-the-hood improvements

    • A number of minor UI fixes

January 06, 2020

  • Version 10.4.6
    • Released updated Todo Cloud Mac app.

    • The task name field in the Edit Pane now wraps and is viewable while editing.

    • Added delete button to the Task Edit Pane 

    • Added cancel and save buttons in most places to confirm changes.

    • Added the ability to quickly email a task, checklist, project from the Task Edit Pane.

    • Added a window pop-out option for comments and task name in the Task Edit pane. 

    • Change the add Task, Checklist, & Project buttons from a dropdown menu to radio buttons 

    • The first Start date and next Due date on projects are now labeled in the parent as such.

    • Standardized colors of start dates to green, due dates to blue and anything overdue to red.

    • Rearranged the Priority icon to now sit inline with the other icons displayed on a task. 

    • Shifted the task completion circle to be top aligned. 

    • Added Shortcodes bubble with link to examples. 

    • Fixed a bug with intelligent parsing when using the (Today) option tasks were due in 7 days instead.

    • Fixed a bug with intelligent parsing when using the (none) option a due date was still being assigned.

    • Fixed a bug that caused completed items to not show up in search results. 

    • Fixed location alerts that weren't always working

    • Improved error handling; error messages are less vague and more descriptive. 

    • A number of other performance improvements. 


March 18, 2019

  • Version 10.4.4
    • Released updated Todo Cloud Mac & Windows apps.
    • Implemented App Badge feature - Badge count will display the number of overdue tasks. 
    • Fixed a bug which would cause the UI to not refresh in real-time.
    • Fixed a bug that caused macOS to repeatedly prompt for Todo Cloud Mac firewall permission access. 
    • A number of performance improvements. 

December 20, 2018

  • Version 10.4.3
    • Released updated Todo Cloud Mac & Windows apps.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented list invitations from working correctly.
    • Fixed a bug with the pagination system which prevented some tasks from appearing when filtering tasks via the calendar.
    • Fixed a bug that caused checklist items to constantly appear as duplicates.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented tasks from having their due date set to the 31st day. 

March 19, 2018

  • Version 10.3.0
    • Released updated Todo Cloud Mac app & launched a brand new Todo Cloud Windows app
    • Fixed a bug with Intelligent Task Parsing, the parsed time was being interpreted as a checklist. 
    • Fixed a bug with the checklist's item count - completed checklist items will no longer be counted 
    • Fixed a bug whereby it was not possible to delete a task's location reminder alert. 
    • Fixed a bug with the tasks pagination system which caused tasks to not be sorted correctly. 
    • Fixed a bug with Drag 'N' Drop which allowed projects to be dragged and added to another project. 
    • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to change user profile image. 
    • Implemented a way to reset search - clicking the 'X' button clears the text in the search field and search results 
    • Implemented auto-expansion on newly created projects/checklists
    • Added additional options to the right-click context menu (Added: Remove Due Date, Remove Start Date, Schedule Today, Schedule Tomorrow)
    • A number of minor UI tweaks and fixes

January 18, 2018

  • Version 10.2.5
    • Implemented the ability to hide the Calendar
    • Implemented pending list invitations to be shown in the notification dropdown
    • Fixed an issue where task notes were not saved immediately after clicking the "OK" button. 
    • Fixed a bug causing the cursor to lag while typing in the task creation field. 
    • Fixed a bug preventing projects without priority from being displayed in a smart list with "None" priority filter selected
    • Improved the Drag N Drop behavior when moving subtasks out of a project
    • Fixed a bug causing the cursor jumps to the end of the field while editing the list name
    • A number of minor UI tweaks and fixes

November 17, 2017

  • Version 10.2.4 
  • Several minor user interface adjustments and bug fixes, including:
    • Fixed a bug affecting how projects inherited dates from their sub-tasks
    • Added a pop-out modal for Notes
    • Fixed a bug with Intelligent Parsing, the "None" keyword can now be used to remove the due date from a task
    • Made some refinements to the search function
    • Several minor UI tweaks and fixes

October 30, 2017

  • Version 10.2.3 
  • Several minor user interface adjustments and bug fixes, including:
    • Fixed bugs affecting how tasks were being sorted in the future and next seven days sections
    • Fixed a bug with the Assigned to you & Today Smart list 
    • Changed font and increased the font-weight to improve readability
    • Fixed bugs preventing a project's due date from being correctly updated  
    • Several minor UI tweaks and fixes

October 19, 2017

  • Version 10.2.2
    • Improved task drag and drop feature
    • Fixed bugs affecting how tasks were being sorted
    • Several minor UI tweaks and fixes
    • Fixed a bug with comments not allowing URLs to be clicked
    • Fixed a bug preventing the removal of due dates and start dates

October 10, 2017

  • Version 10.0.2
    • Implemented multiple task selection
    • Implemented Intelligent Task Parsing
    • Implemented Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Fixed a problem which caused built-in Smart lists to become duplicated if a language other than English was being used on iOS
    • Several minor UI tweaks and fixes.

October 4, 2017

  • Version 10.0.1
    • Implemented Task Search 
    • Several minor UI tweaks and fixes

September 26, 2017

Today we launched Todo Cloud Web version 10.0.0 which is a complete rewrite of the web platform.
  • Version 10.0.0
    • All-new User Interface - The same user interface, colors, and flow of the already-proven iOS app
    • Implemented Smart Lists
    • Implemented filtering tasks by dates using the Calendar
    • Improved task editing capabilities 
    • Added browser notification support
    • Improved the remind me at location feature - Now integrated with Google Maps 

November 1, 2016

  • Version 2.4.5
    • Improved Todo for Business subscription licensing 
    • Continued improvement work on the retrieval of completed task functionality
    • Fixed a bug with the "Create a team" button
    • Fixed drag 'n' drop functionality for multiple tasks
    • Fixed various issues pertaining to task selection
    • Fixed a problem where the completed tasks API wasn't excluding lists properly
    • Fixed displaying dash between the start and due date in task
    • Fixed an issue where newly added tasks to the focus list weren't being displayed without refreshing the browser 

October 12, 2016

  • Version 2.4.4
    • Improved the overall efficiency of retrieving completed tasks
    • Updated tasks live sorting functionality. Added possibility to sort tasks by priority
    • A number of fixes and improvements for IE browser
    • Several minor UI tweaks and fixes
    • A number of user-reported issues have also been fixed as well
    • Added further backend support for features in Todo Cloud 10

August 11, 2016

  • Version 2.4.3
    • Several changes to the backend to improve service reliability and performance.
    • Made fronted and backend adjustments to sign-in form. 
    • Changed incorrect wording in task editor; changed 'Start' to 'Star'
    • A few UI tweaks.

May 19, 2016

10:00 PM MDT

  • Version 2.4.2
    • The entire site is now available in Chinese
    • We've also added support for some upcoming features in Todo Cloud 9.0 for iOS, coming soon
    • A number of reported issues have been fixed as well

December 9, 2015

8:30 PM MST

  • We increased the number of monkeys turning the cranks in Todo Cloud. As a result, task synchronization and web access are MUCH faster. Don't worry, we're supplying them plenty of bananas!

December 4, 2015

  • Version 2.4.1
    • Added notification support to Slack for Todo for Business customers (not enabled by default). If you are interested in this, please contact us.
    • Bug fixes

October 28, 2015

9:00 PM MDT

  • Version 2.4
    • Completely re-designed Todo for Business teaming features
      • Team-owned shared lists with access control
      • Improved team member administration
    • Additional bug fixes

June 3, 2015

9:00 PM MDT

  • Version 2.2
    • This release updates the look and feel of the web browser interface for Todo Cloud
    • Introduces group and team billing features for Todo for Business customers

June 2, 2015

9:00 PM MDT

  • A minor system update was performed to the Todo Cloud system to prepare for an upcoming release of a new Todo Cloud for the Web interface.

September 17, 2013

12:05 AM MDT

  • Added improvement to the process of purchasing a premium subscription with the upcoming iOS app updates.

September 13, 2013

10:15 PM MDT

9:00 - 11:00 AM MDT

  • [RESOLVED] One of the data centers where is hosted experienced intermittent connectivity issues. Task syncs worked intermittently and were usually resolved by attempting to sync again.

August 27, 2013

9:00 PM MDT

  • Added support for the new features debuting in Todo Pro for iOS 7. We've upgraded so we have plenty of time to ensure all the new capabilities are rock solid by the time you see them for the first time.

July 10, 2013

9:10 PM MDT

  • Added support for accepting shared task list invitations directly from future iPhone, iPad, and Android versions of Todo Pro
  • Fixed email notifications so task changes that are insignificant are not sent (things like re-ordering tasks)

Join the Todo Pro iOS Beta Program

We're looking for people who are passionate about helping us build the best to-do list service around. If you'd like to volunteer to help out and provide feedback about upcoming releases of Todo Pro on iOS, please join our beta community on Google+. Sign in to Google+ and then follow this link (and press the "Ask to join" button):

June 26, 2013

10:30 PM MDT

This update matches many of the features just released in the Todo and Todo Pro updates just released on the App Store (version 6.0.6 for iOS and version 2.0.6 for Mac).

  • Added new consolidated email notification settings
  • Added a more obvious time to close the time picker
  • Added new start date filtering
  • Added new shared list indicator
  • Added support to drag and drop multiple tasks at a time
  • Added start date details to email change notifications
  • Added logic to automatically assign new tasks the current filtered context, tag, and assigned user
  • Added a feature to not alert you of tasks assigned to others
  • Fixed the subscription purchase page to not clear the cart if refreshing the page
  • Fixed some issues with dragging and dropping tasks
  • Fixed an issue filtering projects
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing tasks from synchronizing properly after moving tasks into a project
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the due time from being displayed when editing a task
  • Fixed an error to prevent an error when changing your username
  • Fixed a counting issue counting tasks in the starred list
  • Fixed an issue which was incorrectly hiding tasks with the starred property enabled
  • Fixed an issue that was modifying task due times when dragging tasks to the calendar
  • Fixed an issue to close the custom alerts after hitting save
  • Fixed an issue with the task recurrence editor
  • Fixed an issue with long context names wrapping
  • Fixed an issue in the member assignment drop-down menu
  • Fixed a drag and drop issue in Internet Explorer

April 19, 2013

9:45 AM MDT

  • Fixed an issue to allow you to reply to task notification emails to comment on a task or subtask of a project

April 5, 2013

9:45 PM MDT

  • IMPORTANT: This update requires that you update the version of Todo/Todo Pro on your iPhone, IPad, and/or Mac. Download version 6.0.5 for iOS or 2.0.5 for Mac.
  • Added support for start dates ( ... thank you for your votes!)
  • Added start dates to intelligent task parsing (
  • Added a message to let users of older web browsers know they should update
  • Improved the layout for task notification emails
  • Fixed an issue with the task name field when there was nothing entered
  • Fixed an issue that triggered an error message if an empty comment was saved
  • Fixed an issue that triggered an error message when a checklist inside of a project was converted to a regular task
  • Fixed an issue that didn't allow scrolling of the assignee filter for lists
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the default due date to be ignored when tasks were created via email
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing due dates from being shown for subtasks

March 12, 2013

10:15 PM MST

  • Added support for auto-renewable subscriptions for in-app purchases (support coming soon in Todo and Todo Pro 6.0.5 for iOS)
  • Fixed an issue updating task names with an ampersand (&) in the name

February 26, 2013

9:10 PM MST

  • Added information to the referrals screen so you can see how many people have used your referral link
  • Improved the accounting of referrals to properly support a one-year rolling free account when earning referrals
  • Fixed an issue with welcome emails which were causing some odd formatting
  • Fixed an issue using Internet Explorer 9 and newer when attempting to use a referral link to sign up for an account
  • Fixed an issue with changing your account's email address
  • Fixed a display issue with projects so the date of a subtask will properly show
  • Fixed an issue which prevented viewing the full names in a filtered list
  • Fixed an issue where the repeat icon would not appear on a task after adding a repeat interval
  • Fixed an issue where the task name input field looked strange after deleting all the text inside of it
  • Fixed an issue where an error would appear when pressing the enter key in the new comment area when there was no text
  • Fixed an issue where tags would not show up on a task after you dragged a task to a tag

January 31, 2013

10:00 PM MST

  • Added a referral system to let you get free time added to your premium account
  • Added the ability to order items inside of a checklist using drag and drop
  • Changed the way that the settings button works - click it and you can go straight to settings, click the down arrow next to it to get other options such as "log out"
  • Fixed an issue which prevented email notifications from being sent when completing a task
  • Fixed an issue which prevented email notifications from being sent when detecting task changes during a device sync
  • Fixed an issue that caused some URLs to be shown incorrectly in task notes
  • Fixed an issue to improve sync when only changing a tag

January 10, 2013

10:30 PM MST

  • Upgraded the Todo Pro service to increase the overall speed of and task synchronization with devices
  • Added intelligent task parsing and improvements to editing notes using the web version of Todo Pro. To learn how to use this, go > Settings > Task Creation > Intelligent Task Parsing
  • Added option to edit a task's note in a larger window
  • Added a progress indicator when adding a new task to give better interface feedback
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Cyrillic characters from working properly when creating tasks via email
  • Fixed a task note formatting issue that could potentially remove newlines from notes
  • Fixed up an issue where you could not see what you were typing when entering a long task title
  • Fix to prevent the search bar from printing when you print tasks

January 4, 2013

10:20 - 10:32 PM MST

  • Performed scheduled maintenance on the system. Expected duration: 15 - 30 minutes. Actual duration: 12 minutes.
  • Thank you for your patience.

December 20, 2012

9:47 PM MST

  • Added ability to reply to a task notification email to add an additional comment to a task in a shared list
  • Added a setting to show and hide the overdue section
  • Added a Gift Codes section in settings to let you buy someone the gift of productivity (one-year premium account)
  • Fixed an issue to show subtasks when filtering by context or tag
  • Fixed an issue to show subtasks when filtering by an assignee
  • Fixed an issue that caused task notification emails to sometimes lose proper formatting

December 13, 2012

12:07 PM MST

  • We upgraded the Todo Pro service to include the most recent fixes to support the new update of the Todo Pro app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (version 6.0.3)
  • Updates to the Todo Pro service include:
    • Fixed an issue where task alerts were not being set properly when creating tasks using Siri
    • Fixed an issue detecting task types (call a contact, visit a location, etc.)
    • Fixed an issue where images embedded in an email would not allow new tasks to be created when creating tasks via email (Incoming Task Email)
    • Fixed an issue where a large note on a task would prevent task synchronization from functioning properly
    • Fixed an issue where a task's due date was being removed when changing the type of the task

December 11, 2012

12:45 PM MST

  • Fixed an issue with task change notification emails. We discovered an issue that prevented some people from receiving emails about changes to tasks in a shared list. If you were affected by this, you may receive old notification emails dated as early as December 7, 2012. New notification emails should now function properly.

November 21, 2012

1:15 PM MST

  • Fixed task creation with Siri to prevent old versions of tasks from Reminders from modifying updated versions of tasks in Todo Pro. Normally, when you create tasks with Siri, you will only see them appear in the Reminders app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch temporarily. Once the tasks are created in Todo Pro, you should no longer see them appear in Reminders. In some cases, due to network latency, etc., the tasks may remain in the Reminders lists and this update prevents those older versions of the tasks from causing any updates in Todo Pro.

10:10 AM MST

  • Fixed the "Feedback" form to deliver feedback more efficiently to our support team.

November 20, 2012

9:30 PM MST

  • Fixed an issue where some tasks would not update between different devices. If you still see this, update the most recent version of the task (change the priority, for example) and synchronize again. You should then be able to synchronize the task to all your other devices.

9:20 AM MST

  • Fixed an issue with how projects were synchronizing so that updates to a project made on one device (iOS or Mac) will be updated on remaining devices. If you experienced this issue, make an additional update on the best version of a project and synchronize iagain on all of your devices.

November 17, 2012

11:05 PM MST

  • Additional performance improvements for contexts
  • Fix issue where expired premium account dates could not be seen in the Todo/Todo Pro app

12:10 AM MST

  • Performance optimization to speed up task synchronization

November 16, 2012

10:50 AM MST

  • Fixed invalid characters error which was preventing some accounts to not synchronize (more details)

3:00 AM MST

  • Finished performing user account maintenance on some accounts to improve overall synchronization performance
  • Fixed error code 500 issues which prevented task synchronization

November 15, 2012

We are continuing the performance improvements to individual accounts which we began yesterday.

We've also updated the service to include these fixes:

  • Added the ability to accept a task list invitation from an iOS device
  • Added the ability to perform a password reset from an iOS device in Safari
  • Fixed a problem to allow tags to synchronize properly during the initial sync
  • Fixed a performance problem with synchronizing subtasks

November 14, 2012

Some users are experiencing a problem during task synchronization where synchronization is failing because of timeout errors. We have a fix and will be fixing individual accounts throughout the day today. If you are experiencing this problem, please check back on this page for updates.

November 12, 2012

Bugfix update that addresses the issue of duplicating tasks that some Todo Pro customers have been experiencing

November 10, 2012

  • Performance update to task synchronization and web access.

November 9, 2012

Performance and bugfix update. The following items were addressed:

  • Improved sync performance for tasks, notifications, and subtasks
  • Fixed the Focus list's "No Filter" setting to work properly

November 7, 2012

Stability update. The following issues were fixed.

  • Fixed some user update issues from Todo Online.  Contact us at if you are having any issues.
  • Fixed an issue where Todo Online user accounts could be duplicated when being upgraded to Todo Pro.

November 5, 2012

Fixed an issue for Safari on Windows to display tasks

Fixed task note entry to accept returns

Fixed issue where notes were shortened and replaced with:"^*^*#@#@" for Todo Online migrations. If you experienced this issue, please contact support at so we can enable your account for re-migration

November 2, 2012

The latest update for Todo has been released to the app store and will correct the crash some users  experied.

November 1, 2012

Todo Pro:

All issues reported on October 30 for Todo Pro should now be resolved.

Todo Crash on Launch:

An update has been submitted to Apple that will resolve this issue. Unfortunately Apple does not give us a time frame for when the the app will be reviewed, but we have been approved for an expedited review.

If you were previously syncing with Dropbox or iCloud you can delete the app and reinstall it and that will fix the crash on launch issue. Only do this if you are absolutely certain you were syncing previously. As a precaution, we reccomend that you back up your device to iTunes prior to the deletion of your app. If you were not syncing with any service please be patient and DO NOT delete your app. This will cause you to lose all of your data. We are hoping to release the update sometime today or tomorrow.  


Ocotber 30, 2012

Today we launched Todo Pro to the public, along with its associated apps for iOS and OS X. The response has been overwhelming. While we're delighted by the interest, the massive load generated by the number of users has challenged our servers.

At the same time, a critical issue in the app was discovered this morning. We believe we've found the problem and we've submitted an update to Apple for approval. We've requested that they expedite the process and we're hopeful that we'll be able to release it to you soon.

We are currently working, and plan to work through the night, to resolve both problems. If you have encountered either of these specific problems, please do not contact us to report it as doing so will only draw attention away from reaching a resolution.

More information on both issues can be found below.

The Todo (or Todo for iPad) App Crashes When Started

Some of our users have found that the new, 6.0, version of Todo crashes immediately when started. This crash began being reported this morning by the first of our users to update. With the help of some of you and your crash logs (big thanks to you early adopters!) we were able to determine the cause. We believe that we've found a solution, and an update has been submitted to Apple for approval. As soon as this update is available we will release it through the App Store.

These crashes should not affect your data as long as you do not remove the app from your device.

The problem occurs when the new version of Todo attempts to update your current task database. The update we've submitted should allow the update to proceed successfully and allow you to launch the app and continue normally.

Issues With Todo Online / Todo Pro

Our Todo Online users have also had difficulty migrating to the new Todo Pro service. This may be manifest in several ways:

  • The previous version of Todo no longer synchronizes with Todo Online
  • You're unable to log in to your account at
  • You're unable to synchronize the new version of Todo with Todo Pro
  • Todo gives you messages about your account having expired

All of the above are related to the migration from Todo Online to Todo Pro. The previous version no longer synchronizes because the new service communicates with the apps in a different way. Essentially, the old version of Todo and the new Todo Pro speak different "languages" and aren't able to connect.

The other problems are related to the migration process itself. When you first try to log in at, or connect with the new Todo apps, Todo Pro checks if you have a Todo Online account. If it finds one, it marks your account to be updated to Todo Pro. 

This is a "heavy" process for our servers. They are experiencing delays because of this and the result is the problems described above. We are currently working hard to find ways in which we can streamline this process to speed things up.

If your payment status and tasks are not reflected in Todo Pro, please be patient. We will make sure that all customers' account dates are reflected correctly and that tasks are brought over from Todo Online.

Thanks, and Our Apologies

Again, we appreciate the response to and interest in our new Todo Pro service. We think it's going to be an amazing service afor helping you get things done! We're working hard to make sure that Todo Pro lives up to your expectations. Please accept our apologies, and bear with us as we make things right.