As a convenience, Todo Pro premium accounts can be paid for with In-App Purchases on iOS devices. Beginning with Todo and Todo Pro version 6.0.5, all purchases for a premium account with In-App Purchase is an auto-renewing subscription. The subscription renewal is completely handled by the App Store's Auto-Renewing In-App Purchase mechanism, which we cannot control. When you use auto-renewing in-app purchases, we cannot change anything about your account's expiration date (like reward it with extra time/etc.).

If you are currently purchasing your Todo Pro premium account with an auto-renewing in-app purchase and would like to become eligible to participate in the referrals program or receive a gift account, two things will need to happen:

  1. Cancel your auto-renewing in-app purchase subscription. Cancel your subscription so that the App Store's auto-renewal process will not automatically purchase additional time on your Todo Pro premium account when your expiration date nears.
  2. Wait for your current premium account to expire. You must wait for your premium account's expiration date before you can participate in the program (there is no way for us to know that you've fully canceled your auto-renewing in-app purchase subscription until this time).

For steps on canceling your auto-renewing in-app purchase subscription, please visit article on Apple's website titled, "iTunes Store: Purchasing and managing auto-renewing subscriptions"