There may be some situations where you may wish to revert to an older version of Todo than what is currently available on the App Store. Unfortunately, once a new version of an app is released on the App Store, a built-in mechanism for restoring an older version is not provided.

Important: If you feel you need to restore an older version of Todo, please review this entire article before proceeding.


  • Restoring an older version of Todo is only possible if you have a backup of the older version of the app in an iTunes backup
    • NOTE: If you updated Todo from iTunes, you may no longer have the older version of Todo in an iTunes backup

Before Proceeding

  1. Confirm that all of your current task data are in Outlook or iCal. Restoring an old version of Todo from an iTunes backup will overwrite any data you currently have in the version of Todo on your device.
  2. In iTunes, make sure that Sync All Apps is NOT CHECKED
    • If you have Sync All Apps checked, it would automatically synchronize the newer version of Todo into iTunes (which would overwrite the old version you want to restore)

Option 1 - Restoring from iTunes

  1. Delete the new Todo version from your device
  2. Connect your device with iTunes
  3. In the list of apps to synchronize with your device, make sure that Todo (the older version) is selected
    • If it's been a long time since you last synchronized your device with iTunes, you may find that the version of Todo in your iTunes Library is either very old, or not there at all.

Option 2 - Restoring from an iTunes Backup

NOTE: Only follow these steps if Option 1 did not work

WARNING: All other apps, data (like iMessage), will be affected by restoring a backup. This is somewhat of a last-resort option. It will be restore your device back in time to when you made the backup.

  • If you have a very recent backup of your device stored in iTunes which you made prior to updating to Todo, you can restore a backup
  • Instructions on restoring a backup can be found here:

Option 3 - Restore from a Time Machine Backup

NOTE: Only follow these steps if Option 1 and Option 2 did not work

WARNING: This technique, like the prior options, is dependent upon frequent syncing with iTunes. Time Machine won’t have a copy if you haven’t added an app to your iTunes library from your device.


  1. Sync your iOS device with iTunes
  2. As a safety precaution, make a Time Machine backup
  • Note: If you've configured Time Machine to ignore your iTunes library, this technique won't work
  • Visit Apple's Time Machine support pages for information on how to use Time Machine:
  • You may also wish to save your iTunes Library to a CD/DVD
  • Restore a Backup

    1. Delete the new version of Todo from your device
    2. In iTunes, right-click on the Todo app and choose Show in Finder
    3. Open Time Machine and navigate to the folder where the Todo app is stored
    4. Go back in time and locate the old version of the Todo app
    5. Restore the older version from Time Machine
    • NOTE: Keep Finder open, displaying the restored file
  • Delete the app from your iTunes library on your Mac
    • NOTE: Be sure to move the file to the Trash
  • Quit iTunes
  • From Finder, option-click on the restored file and select Open With > iTunes (default)
  • Reinstall Todo to your device using an iTunes sync

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