On October 30, 2012 Todo Online was upgraded and enhanced to Todo Pro which is now called Todo Cloud.

Todo Cloud is Appigo's modern online task service that brings a new level of task management to members.  A few of the enhancements include:

  • Task list sharing.  You can now share lists with other users.
  • Task assignments.  Tasks in shared lists can be assigned to users and new filters exist to see only tasks assigned to you or specific people.
  • Task comments.  You can leave comments on tasks in a conversation format for collaborating on projects and more in-depth tasks.
  • Enhanced synchronization.  Task synchronization happens up to ten times as fast as the former Todo Online system.
  • Free Apps.  Included with the Todo Cloud Premium Account are free iOS, Mac, and Android (android is coming soon) apps that have all of the same task functionality as Todo.

Todo Online accounts were automatically updated to Todo cloud.  You can visit https://www.todopro.com and login with your existing Todo Online account credentials.