You can sync Outlook (on Windows) with Todo following the steps below.


You must be using Todo. Todo is not compatible with outlook 2016 and newer. 
Todo Cloud is not able to sync with Outlook.

    • Prepare your network
      • Make sure you have the latest version of Appigo Sync installed on your computer
        (The latest version may be download from
      • Your iPhone must be connected (Wi-Fi) to the same router your computer is connected to.
      • All your network components (firewalls, routers, anti-virus) must allow communication from Appigo Sync and Bonjour.
      • Turn off your device's (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) Bluetooth connection. This is only needed for the initial pairing process.

    • Pair Outlook with Todo
      • Open Appigo Sync on your Desktop
      • Click the Devices Tab
      • Open Todo on your iOS device
      • Open settings
      • Touch Synchronization
      • Touch Local Network Sync
      • Select your desktop (if your desktop is not listed there is a problem with the network)
      • You should receive a four digit code
      • In Appgio Sync on your desktop (from the devices tab) enter the four digit code

    • Syncing

      • You will now be able to sync with Outlook.
      • Perform your first sync with a pull down gesture while viewing your tasks.
  • Subsequent syncs
    • In your synchronization settings you can enable sync on start up and sync on exit
    • You may also manually sync using the pull down gesture
  • NOTE: syncs can only occur if your iOS device is on the same network the computer that you installed Appigo Sync on.