One of the best features of Todo is its ability to synchronize with online services and Todo on your other devices. It's likely that at some time you'll want to set up Todo to synchronize among your iOS devices, or with a computer or online service. Synchronization can be a complicated process, but we've made it as simple as possible.

To ensure that your tasks are synchronized as you intend, here are a few tips:

  • Try to avoid making edits to tasks on multiple devices in between syncs. Todo can have difficulty determining your intent in these situations and may have unexpected results.
  • You can change how Todo tries to resolve conflicts in the above situation. The resolution setting can be found in Todo's synchronization settings. Whichever source you select here will be used as the "correct" source when conflicts arise.
  • Avoid using the advanced synchronization settings unless advised to by one of our support staff. While these utilities can be used to solve problems, they can also cause problems if you're not sure of their usage.

To access your synchronization options select settings (gear icon) then select Synchronization