Built-in Smart Lists

  • The Everything list replaces the old All Tasks list
  • Your Focus list still available, but now with extra options (swipe left to edit)
  • Important replaces the Starred list. An all new Someday list shows tasks with no due date

Pro tip: You can swipe left and delete the Focus, Important, and Someday lists (and restore them later when creating a new smart list).

Editing Lists & Smart Lists

Swipe left on any list and tap the Edit button to customize your lists instead of having to go into the app’s main settings (e.g., to edit your Focus List)

Quick Menu

Long press on a task to make it appear and swipe to get to any of the action options. As a plus, Todo is also in batch editing mode so you can select multiple tasks to change at once.

Pro tip: Change the order of the Quick Menu action items by long pressing an action and dragging it to a new position.

Contexts & Tags

Your contexts will be converted to tags to provide more powerful filtering options when using them with Smart Lists.

Due Time

Set a due time on your tasks by adding a reminder. Change the due time by adjusting the time of the first reminder.

Pro tip: you can add multiple reminders to a task

Projects & Checklists

Create a new project or checklist when editing a task (scroll down and tap Project or Checklist). Projects and checklists are now shown with their subtask count on the right-hand side of each row.