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Save time by setting up Smart lists with powerful filtering.

For increased productivity, Todo Cloud now features Smart Lists. Smart Lists give you deeper control over how you view, manage and complete tasks. A Smart List essentially allows you to filter and view your tasks by nearly any set of identified task attributes. Todo Cloud comes built with pre-defined Smart Lists, but also gives you the ability to create your own. You can learn more here.

To create a Smart list in Todo Cloud Web :

  1. Login to your Todo Cloud account
  2. Select the Add a Smart list button in the list column to the left
  3. Choose one of the many built in Smart list or select "Define your own smart list..." to create your own smart list 

A quick note about Built-in Smart Lists

  • The Everything list replaces the old "All Tasks" list
  • Your Focus list still available, but now with extra options (right clck to edit)
  • Important replaces the "Starred list"
  • An all new Someday list shows tasks with no due date