To Buy a Todo Cloud Gift Code

  1. Sign in to your Todo Cloud account on
  2. View your account settings by clicking the settings button at the top right of the Todo Cloud web page
  3. Click the Gift Codes tab on the left-hand side of your account settings page
  4. Click the Buy Gift button and follow the instructions to purchase the gift code

To Redeem a Todo Cloud Gift Code

  1. Visit from a computer's web browser
  2. If you do not have a Todo Cloud account, follow the instructions on the Todo Cloud website to create one
  3. Click the gift code link included in the email you received
  4. Your gift code will be applied to your Todo Cloud account

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about buying a Todo Cloud Gift Codes

  • What is a Todo Cloud gift code?
    • A Todo Cloud gift code is a one year premium account you can give to someone else
  • Can I buy a Todo Cloud gift code for someone who is already using Todo Cloud?
    • Yes. The gift code will be applied to their premium account.
  • Do gift codes expire?
    • No. As long as someone does not redeem them, they are valid.
  • How do I send a gift code to someone?
    • When you purchase a gift code, you'll have the option to send them an email directly or you can get the link to the gift code and send it to someone yourself.