Using Siri with Todo Cloud

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Using Siri With Todo Cloud 

There are two different ways to to use Siri with Todo Cloud:

  1. Siri Commands – Pre-programmed commands that require absolutely no set up
  2. Siri Shortcuts – Shortcuts you can create to enable Siri to perform actions you do on a regular basis

The purpose of this post is to provide instructions on using the pre-programmed Siri commands. If you would like more information about Siri Shortcuts, please visit the Siri Shortcut page.

Here are the actions you can perform in Todo Cloud using Siri:

  • Add a Task
  • Create a list
  • Update the status of a task


Enable Siri

Before you can utilize Siri, you must enable Siri on your Apple device. Todo Cloud will ask you for permission to use Siri the first time you open the app, so most likely this is already enabled and you can skip this step. If you said no to this request, or are unsure, you can follow these steps to enable Siri.

  1.  Go into the Settings Menu
  2.  Scroll down the page until you find Todo Cloud and click to open the app specific settings
  3.  Click Siri & Search
  4.  Make sure “Use with Siri” is enabled


Giving Siri Commands

The first step to using Siri with Todo Cloud is understanding how Siri commands work.  On the most basic level, a Siri command must contain two elements (After saying “Hey Siri”):

  1. The app you want Siri to use
  2. The action you want Siri to perform (Add a task, create a list, or update a status)

To let you Siri know you want to use Todo Cloud, you must begin or end your command with something like:

  • Using Todo Cloud, …….
  • In Todo Cloud, ……
  • …… using Todo Cloud
  • ……In Todo Cloud

Tip: Siri seems to understand “using Todo Cloud” better than “in Todo Cloud”, but both phrases will work if spoken clearly.


Add a Task

You can add a new task to Todo Cloud without even picking up your phone.  When creating a new task you can also reference a specific list and add a due date. Here are some examples below to help you understand the proper structure to add task using Siri, however, it is important to remember these are just examples and there are many ways you can utilize Siri.

You can add a task to your inbox by saying:

  • “Using Todo Cloud, add buy bread”
  • “In Todo Cloud, remind me to order pictures”
  • “Using Todo Cloud, create a task to walk the dog”


Now that you understand how to add a task, let’s take this one step further and add a task to a specific list. You can do this by saying:

  • “Using Todo Cloud, create a task to pay the power bill in my finance list”
  • “In Todo Cloud, remind me to wash the dishes in my home list”

Tip: If your list has the word ‘list’ in the title, you will need to say list twice. Example 

  • “Using Todo Cloud, add bananas to my grocery list list”


You can also add a due date by saying:

  • “In Todo Cloud, remind me to clean the house next week”
  • “Using Todo Cloud, remind to buy a birthday present on January 22nd”
  • “Using Todo Cloud, add buy groceries on Saturday in home list”


Create a list

You can create a new list by using Siri. Here are a few examples of things you can say to create a list:

  • “In Todo Cloud, create a new list”
  • “Using Todo Cloud, add a new list”
  • “Create a list called shopping using Todo Cloud”


Update the status of a task

Updating the status of a task using Siri can be a little tricky.  It is included in this list, but will most likely only be used by more experienced Siri users.

You can make a task as complete by saying:

  • “Using Todo Cloud, mark buy bananas as complete”
  • “In Todo Cloud, mark as complete”

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