Creating Tasks with Siri

Modified on Thu, 11 Aug 2022 at 07:24 AM

Creating tasks using Siri is available in Todo and Todo Cloud to users with a Todo Cloud Premium account.

  • Setting up Siri:
    • Go into the iPhone/iPad Settings app and select one of the following depending on your version of iOS:
      • iOS 9 - Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" 
      • iOS 10 - Select "Reminders"
      • For iOS 11 & newer -  Select "Mail" > "Accounts"
    • Select "Add Account"
    • Select Other (at the bottom)
    • Select "Add CalDAV Account"
    • Select Enter the following:
      • Server:
      • User Name: [your username (email address)]
      • Password: [your password]
      • Description: Todo Cloud
    • Make sure the button for reminders is set to on and the calendar is set to off
    • In the iPhone/iPad Settings app, scroll down to "Reminders" and select. 

    • Set the Default List to Todo Cloud.

    • Now use Siri with a command like: "Remind me to send feedback about Todo Cloud"
  • Helpful Tips:
    • If you do not want Siri to ask you when to create a task, use "Remember to…" For example, "Remember to go on a bike ride."
    • Intelligent Task Parsing (click here to learn more)
      • Use Siri to create projects, and checklists, assign tasks to a specific list, add a context, etc.
      • For example, create a quick shopping list by asking Siri
        • "Remind me to Go Shopping (colon) milk (comma) bananas (comma) oranges"
          • Go Shopping
            • milk
            • bananas
            • oranges
        • "Remember to Call John (caret) Work"
          • This task will be assigned to your list named "Work"
Note: When you create a task with Siri, your task is temporarily available in Reminders, it usually works so fast that the task won't even show up in Reminders, Todo Cloud pulls the task out of Reminders and places it in your inbox in Todo Cloud  Once it's in your inbox, you can open up the Todo Cloud app on your device a sync will take place and the task will appear in Todo Cloud.

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