We do everything we can to prevent your precious data from being lost or corrupted. However, there are times when software does not work as expected and disaster takes place. You can minimize the effects of problems by planning for the unexpected.

The best way to preserve your task data is through regular creations of iOS backups; this is a wise practice for all iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users. Your device holds valuable data which could be corrupted by a faulty update, sync errors, or a variety of unforeseen events. Visit Apple's support pages to learn all about iOS backups.

  • iTunes only maintains one backup at a time. In order to permanently store a backup you must restore it to your device. Once a backup has been restored it will be given a time and date stamp tracking when it was made. In other words, if you don't want a backup to be overwritten it must be restored at least once.
  • iTunes does not have a way to restore individual apps or their data. If for some reason you want to restore only Todo's data please contact one of our support staff. We can provide instructions on extracting your task database from a backup. However, this is only possible with a local iTunes backup; iCloud backups cannot be extracted.

Another trick to backing up your data is to email your diagnostic report to yourself and include tasks. You will not be able to view this file, but if needed our support team will be able to assist you in recovering you data using the file.

  • Open Todo
  • Open Settings **In Todo Cloud 9 and newer tap your name in the top left to access the settings menu**
  • Touch Information
  • Touch Diagnostics
  • Scroll to the bottom and touch Email Diagnostic Report
  • Touch Include Tasks
  • Touch Email
  • Enter in your email in the "To:" field
  • Send

If you are using Todo on your Mac and would like to create a back up of your Todo for Mac data, this can be done by doing the following:

  • Open a finder window -Press cmd + shift + g
  •  Paste the following into the search bar ~/Library/Containers/com.appigo.todomac/Data/Library/Application Support/Appigo Todo
  • Copy the AppigoTodo_v12.sqlitedb and paste it to a different location such as Documents or Desktop