We have been hard at work on our latest version of Todo for iOS which just went live on the app store.  We’re happy to announce that we’re now giving away sync for free. This gives you the benefit of not only having your task data backed up in the cloud but the flexibility to use your tasks on multiple devices. And FYI, we are working feverishly on updates for Mac, Web, Windows (yes this will be new) and a brand-new Android version.

The app now requires that everyone create an account on Todo Cloud. This is true even if you’ve been using the app without an account. So if you’ve been using Todo for a while and your premium account expired, you’ll now see a welcome screen to easily create a free account before getting to your tasks.  If you’re new, download the app, create an account, and enjoy all the benefits!  Either way, basic features, including sync, are now free.

Here’s what all basic accounts get for free:

  • Task Synchronization to the cloud
  • Smart Lists – the “Everything” smart list is free. You can also get a preview of what’s available in custom smart lists by creating your own and adding filters to them.
  • Today Widget on iOS
  • One reminder per task
  • Share a list/task, invite others, and manage membership of a shared list
  • Add comments and notes to tasks in a shared list
  • Checklists
  • View tasks completed in the past two weeks

With a premium or business account you’ll also get (see our pricing page for more information):

  • Full custom Smart List features
  • Recurring tasks
  • Advanced notifications (email notifications)
  • Full completed task history
  • Multiple reminders per task
  • Location reminders
  • Emailing tasks
  • Creating projects
  • Using email to create tasks
  • Using Siri to create tasks
  • Assigning tasks to someone else
  • Premium list colors
  • Tags

We hope this change extends the power of Todo to even more people so they’ll see how powerful Todo can be in organizing their lives.  Head over to Todo on the App Store for the download!  And let us know what you think!