Concerns With the iOS Update from v.8 to v.10

Modified on Tue, 22 Jun 2021 at 01:27 PM

We messed up and we are sorry!

If you are reading this, you likely experienced a problem or frustration with our most recent ToDo push from version 8 to version 10. For reasons we'll explain here, we had to proceed with that push to enable future updates, but . . . we are sorry for the problems it created for you. We inadvertently messed up a few years back when we sold the app without gathering email addresses and because so many customers want cloud sync and back-up we had no ability to fork the product leaving one user group behind using the app that resides solely on your device while proceeding with the majority that want cloud sync and backup. Without email addresses to communicate the change and prepare users, our forced update is a surprise at best and an unwelcome one at worst. But this certainly doesn't feel good as you suffered through a poor experience. We are sorry. We wish we could let you continue with version 8 but that wasn't an option provided under the current app structure. So, we tried to work out all the kinks in the forced upgrade and we are here to support you if there were problems we can still resolve. Please create a ticket and we'll respond quickly. 

Why was it necessary?

Years ago when developers rolled out apps on the Apple App store, the model was one-time purchases. Maintenance and support costs have continued and to stay alive, the industry has shifted in large part to a subscription model. We followed that pattern though many of our competitors closed their doors and haven't been able to make the transition. Because we didn't have emails for our v.8 users, this shift comes as a surprise. We are sorry for that surprise but we sure intend to provide tons of value for the annual subscription and we have more user requested features in development as we type. 

Furthermore, several years ago we announced for quality of service and operations reasons that we would be dropping support for iCloud, Dropbox and Toodledo sync in favor of our own ToDo Cloud Sync. At the same for more than a year, we announced that we were no longer supporting Todo 8 and encouraged users to move to our updated app, ToDo Cloud which is our v.10 app. We rewrote this app from the ground up to leverage the latest technology Apple built into its devices and we cleaned up the interface and have seen much more stability in performance. Our strategy has always been to provide free sync across five platforms: Web, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, all for free while our competition has charged for those features. Learn more about these ToDo Cloud v.10 features.

Why didn’t you let us know?

We tried over nearly a year to notify you of these changes via our website and social channels, but because of the old model of buying the app once, we had few emails to reliably communicate. We did however attempt multiple times to message you via the app letting you know about the change and encouraging you to move to ToDo Cloud v.10 in order to receive support and features. But with features waiting to be built in our v.11 product, we have reached that unfavorable moment in which we have pushed an update through to your device to replace the older, unsupported ToDo v.8 app.

You certainly didn't deserve the unexpected surprise and if we had a different way to communicate this to you we would have done so. And to add insult to injury, many of you have added complex language characters into your ToDo tasks which we couldn't entirely predict and so the move from the v.8 app which saves data locally to your phone on an iOS database are not compatible for a v.10 cloud database which has created some problems. If that happened to you, please keep reading.

Help! I’m having trouble with the update

Some users have experienced trouble with the update from v.8 to v.10. If you are one of them, please create a ticket here or contact us by email at To speed up the recovery process, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account or create an account at
  2. If your data appears on the Todo Cloud (Web version), then rest assured that your data will sync to your device once you correctly login to the app on your device.
  3. If your data does not appear on the Todo Cloud (Web version), then something has gone wrong with the database transition from v.8 on your phone to v.10 in the cloud. 
  4. Send us your v.8 database by doing the following:
    1. Open ToDo on your phone.
    2. Tap your name in the top left which will take you to the user settings.
    3. Select 'Diagnostics.'
    4. Scroll to the end of the screen.
    5. Select the 'Email Diagnostic' Report.
    6. Select 'Include tasks' to send us a copy of your tasks database.
    7. Select 'Email.'
    8. Select 'Send.'
  5. Support will then load your data into your account on your behalf with an email notification once done.
  6. You login to ToDo Cloud v.10 and your data will sync. 

Please DO NOT delete your ToDo v.8 app as this will delete your local data and will leave us with no options to restore manually to your ToDo Cloud v.10 app. 

Export your ToDo data to use elsewhere

If you'd like to export your ToDo data to a CSV file to use elsewhere we've outlined how you can do that in a few steps.

Thank you for your support. We exist to deliver exceptional results and while the past is behind us, we hope you will see through these changes and continue with us on our journey to provide exceptional prioritized productivity system built on the original ToDo Task management app. As always, please let us know how we can help you succeed in your personal priorities using this ToDo system.

Don't update my app. Can't you just leave me to continue with ToDo v.8? I don't want my data in the 'cloud' and I want to continue using iCloud or Toodledo sync?

Unfortunately we cannot un-do the update from v.8 to v.10 and we don't know of a way to leave you with ToDo v8. Our future development depends on the code base moving from ToDo v.8 to ToDo Cloud v.10. 

Moving to the cloud and providing cross-platform sync are features the majority of our users want and so we are making the uncomfortable decision to move in that direction. We want to create incredible value for you as our past users. We hope you will see us as a small team of dedicated humans trying to do the best for the broader interests of our user base. We have ensured that our cloud backup and sync are world-class experiences. Many of our competitors don't offer this kind of robust system and we are committed to excellence while trying to make things right with each of you who are negatively affected by this forced update. 

To provide this robust cloud sync and backup, we must have a way to associate your data across platforms and so we require you to create a user account. Come along with us on our journey to build the best productivity system in the market. We were the original app 10 years ago in this category and despite our own missteps, we have an exceptional team singularly focused on building the next 5+ years of features turning this app into your productivity partner. Still, if you wish to cancel your account, please contact and we can assist you to make that happen.

What is the difference between Basic and Premium/Cloud?

For more than 10 years now, ToDo has reigned as the most robust app with the most advanced features, many of which we have provided for free. This pricing page describes the detailed differences between Basic and Premium/Cloud.

What is the difference between ToDo and Todo Cloud?

Both of these apps exist and are built off the same v.10 set of features. In our next major release, both of these apps will be consolidated into our next v.11 ToDo app. Your single account is all you will need to move with us from v.10 to v.11 at a future point. 

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