When Todo displays sync errors, it may be caused by a database update from a recent version of Todo Cloud 10, Todo 8, Todo 6, or Todo for Mac. You may notice sync problems in the following ways:

  • Tasks created on one device do not show up on other devices. For example, a task created on an iPhone may not appear in Todo for Mac.
  • Marking a task complete does not show up on other devices.
  • Sync errors are displayed on the bottom status bar of Todo.

Note: if you are still  using Todo 6, we recommend updating to use Todo 8, or Todo Cloud 10. 

To get sync working again, you should take the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are using the very latest version of Todo: Todo Cloud 10, Todo 8.2.8, or Todo Cloud/ Todo for Mac 3.0.7. 
  2. Choose the device with the current set of tasks. For example, if your iPhone has a complete, current set of tasks, but Todo for Mac, or Todo on the iPad is missing some tasks, do a sync from the iPhone. 
  3. Go to the other devices and do a sync reset. This will use the latest set of your tasks.

On Todo Cloud 10 for iOS, Tap your name to go to Settings > Account > Reset Synchronization Data. 

On Todo for iOS, go to Settings > Synchronization > Advanced > Reset Synchronization Data. This is the same on Todo 6 and Todo 8. 

On Todo for Mac, go to Preferences > Synchronization > Reset