How to create a Task/Checklist/Project

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The easiest way to stay on-top of your daily productivity is to enter into Todo Cloud the things you'd like to get done Today, Tomorrow, Next Seven Days and even Tasks further into the Future as soon as you think of them. 

Todo Cloud allows you to quickly create these Tasks, Checklist or Projects and set Due dates and reminder alerts on when you'd like to be reminded about them.

To begin creating select a list and start typing in the name of the item you'd like to create. By default, the type of item you can create will be set to a "Task

Choosing Your Task Type  - Depending on your needs you can choose between creating a Task, Project or a Checklist by selecting the appropriate radio button below the task input field

TaskThe majority of the time, you'll be creating normal tasks, just like you might write down on a piece of paper. When you've got something you need to do, like, "Pick up dry cleaning," you'll normally create a normal task and assign it a due date.

ProjectCreate a project when something you need to do can be broken up into other tasks (subtasks). You can assign a due date, start date, priority, etc. to subtasks just like you would a normal task.

- To add a subtask to the project select the project then create a new task. All tasks created while the project is selected will be added as a subtask.

Checklist: The easiest way to visualize how checklists can be helpful is to think about a shopping list. You might create a checklist called, "Shopping" and add items to it like bananas, milk, oranges, etc. Items inside of a checklist are meant to be basic and do not have a due date or any other property besides just a name.

- You can then add a subtask to the checklist by selecting it then enter the name of the new subtask you'd like to create. All tasks created while the checklist is selected will be added as a subtask.

Please see our guide here: to learn more about editing your tasks. 

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