To join a Todo for Business account you will need to be invited by the team owner. The team owner simply needs to send you an invitation to join the team. Once invited, you will receive an invitation email containing a link to accept the membership invite.

For new users, clicking on the link will direct you to a sign-up page where you can create a Todo Cloud account and join the team.

If you are an existing Todo Cloud user and have a subscription through the App Store or Google Play, you can instantly join the Team using the link from the invitation email.

If you are an existing Todo Cloud user that signed up through Todo Cloud Web and you have more than 1 month remaining in your subscription, you will be prompted with two options after clicking on the “Join Team” button from the email invite:

  1. Donate the remaining time in your personal account to the team. This will be considered as team credits and it will be used during your team’s auto-renewals.
  2. Choose to receive a promotional code for your remaining time in your account that you can share with a friend.