Todo Cloud Synchronizing when using a Browser

  • When using Todo Cloud on your web browser you will not need to worry about Synchronizing. Changes will take place every time your browser window refreshes.

Todo Cloud for iOS Synchronizing

  • Todo Cloud on your iOS device will sync every time the app is open or closed.
  • You can also "Pull Down" to sync and update

Todo Pro (Cloud) for Mac Synchronizing

    • You can set the duration for when you would like Todo Pro for Mac to sync
    • With Todo Pro for Mac open, select Todo Pro > Preferences from menu bar
    • Select the Synchronization Tab
    • Change the "Check for Changes" setting to:
      • Manually
      • Every Hour
      • Every 2 Hours
      • Every 4 Hours
      • Once a Day

Note: Synchronizing will take place when ever Todo Pro for Mac is opened or closed.