Projects and Checklists

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Todo Cloud helps you keep your tasks organized. You can group tasks into projects and checklists to keep related tasks together. For instance, you might create a project for an assignment that depends on multiple parts being completed, or a checklist to make sure you've got everything for your upcoming trip. While projects and checklists both have sub-tasks, there are a few key differences that are explained below.



Checklists are useful when a task's sub-tasks don't need any properties assigned to them. Checklist items don't have due dates, tags or contexts, or any of the other properties of normal tasks. Instead, these items have only a title and a record of whether they are completed or not. This makes lists best suited for your everyday lists used for things like shopping or planning.

The parent checklist task has all the attributes of any other task, so you can assign it tags and contexts, alerts, and a due date as normal. Additionally, marking the parent checklist as complete will result in a prompt if there are items that are not yet completed.

Creating your checklist:

  • De-select any highlighted task, then create a new task as normal
  • Right click on the new task
  • From the type drop-down, select 'Checklist'
  • While the checklist is highlighted, create new tasks and they will automatically become items in the list
  • You can also expand and collapse the checklist with the arrow to the left of its title



Projects are one of Todo Cloud's most powerful features. A project holds sub-tasks that each have their own attributes, and can even hold checklists. Sub-tasks of a project can be assigned tags and contexts, due dates, and alerts, and can even be assigned to other users. The only thing you can't do with a project is create another project as a sub-task.

These features make projects a versatile way to keep track of large or group tasks. For example, imagine that you're working in a team. Your team develops a list of things that must be done for a client, each at different points and in different areas. You could create a project with each part as a sub-task, then assign each part to a different team member. Combined with Todo Cloud's other collaboration features, projects are a great way of tracking progress in a team!

Creating your project:

  • De-select any highlighted task, then create a new task as normal
  • Right click on the task
  • From the type drop-down, select 'Project'
  • While the project is highlighted, create new tasks and they will automatically become sub-tasks of the projects
  • Remember, you can add any type of task to projects other than another project

One Last Tip

To move items quickly in and out of projects and checklists, Todo Cloud also supports drag and drop of tasks. You can drag a normal task onto a checklist or project and it will become a child of that task. Likewise, you can also drag things out of projects and checklists to make them normal top-level tasks. Just remember that checklist items don't have any attributes, so dragging a task into a checklist will remove all of its properties.

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