Todo Cloud with TouchID Support 

Todo has been updated to work with the Touch ID API in iOS 8+. Now you can be comforted knowing that any sensitive data you store in Todo is protected. 

To enable Touch ID within Todo please do the following: 

  • Open Todo Cloud/Todo
  • Select "Your Name" (located in the top left)
  • Scroll to "Passcode + Touch ID" 
  • Tap the toggle switch to enable, you'll be prompted to enter a passcode > confirm passcode 
  • Tap the toggle switch for Touch ID

You can configure Todo to prompt for your Touch ID on each entry of the App or by choosing from the following intervals: 

  • - After 1 minute
  • - After 5 minutes
  • - After 15 minutes
  • - After 1 hour
  • - After 4 hours

Please note that before you can utilize Touch ID for Todo you will first need to set-up Tocuh ID on your iPhone/iPad. Please peruse Apple's guide here on having this done: