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January 28, 2020

  • Version 10.4.7
    • Added a user prompt to provide an app review.
    • Localized all strings used in review prompt.
    • Fixed an issue to hide the keyboard when a user is navigating between screens.
    • Improved the position of the priority text and icon.
    • Fixed Crashes related to all null pointer exceptions related to intent and objects.
    • Condensed the space between the task date and the green project progress bar.
    • Added three radio buttons under the task creation input box so users can create a 'task, project, or checklist’ and we adjusted the buffer space around those buttons.
    • Added an 'x' in the top right of the shortcode popup to make it more clear how to close the window.
    • Made several improvements in the list count bug related to the database queries and parameters for smartlists. We also added some code to handle a scenario where the list count doesn't update when duplicating the list. We have a few more very difficult fixes to make but we are sharing the current improvements while we chip away at fairly structural code problems.