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One of the biggest benefits of using Todo Cloud is staying connected with others you work with. This could be your spouse, your kids, people at work, or even members of your sports team.

You can be notified in email when someone adds a new task, changes a task, makes a comment, etc.

  • Tasks - receive an email when someone creates, modifies, completes, or deletes a task
  • Comments - receive an email when someone comments on a task
  • Members - receive an email when someone is added or removed as a member of the task list
  • If you are only interested in being notified about tasks that are assigned to you, select the Only send emails for tasks assigned to me option

Change your Notification Settings Todo Cloud Web

Each shared task list has its own notification settings

  1. Log in to your Todo Cloud account online (
  2. Click your Name in the top left of the screen
  3. Click on Settings from the dropdown menu
  4. Select Notifications
  5. Check the boxes for the types of email notifications you'd like to receive for each list. 

Notifications can also be changed by access the edit menu for each list, you can learn more here: 

Note: In order to receive notifications collaborators will each need their own Todo Cloud account, and each account must be verified. If you haven't already verified that you own the email address you're using in Todo Cloud a bell icon will appear to the right of your name. Select it and follow the message.