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Features needed for Todo Exchange

Here are some critical features that would make Todo Exchange perfect: 1. Show category name with to do item, not just color 2. Be able to identify delegates and email them tasks. 3. Be able to covert an email into a task in todo Exchange 4. Include a "move forward" function so I can move a task due date forward a day, a week, a month or to a custom date without having to edit the task. I love being able to sync directly with the Exchange server. That is so valuable!!

  • iPad support
  • iOS 7 support
  • Email integration
  • View Flagged Emails as tasks
  • Reminders Integration


I need an app working both on my iPad and iPhone and the only reason I haven't bought Todo Exchange is the lack of iPad version of the app (or at least support for both screen resolutions). And I am sure a lot of my colleagues would get the app to, if it had iPad support (in fact, the only decent task manager supporting exchange and available both for iPhone and iPad is TaskTask).


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