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API for commercial user


There is a Call-system in my company for the department head to allocate jobs to the crew.

I knew we can use to-do cloud function ( share-list), but it's not convenience for us to allocate jobs.

is there any API for other software( like our Call-System).  So that we can still use our Call-System to allocate jobs, and the crew can check on the smart-phone everywhere.

Thank you.

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Having a public API is something we've wanted to add from the beginning to Todo Cloud.  With your system, are you wanting to get data back from Todo Cloud as well?  ie- you allocate a job in your Call-System.  A task is created for the job and assigned to someone.  They check Todo Cloud and see they have tasks assigned to them.  When they complete them, do you want your Call-System to check for a completed task and mark the job complete too?  Just curious how integrated you are looking to go.  If you are looking to simply put tasks out users when a job is created, that could be done today simply using email.  Each user in Todo Cloud has an email and you could create the jobs (with details in the notes) by sending the assigned crew member a task email.

Yes, our manager needs to know which job has been done. The ideal API is including most of inputting in mobile apps like deadline, location, label and tags etc. Further more, share-list is one of my favorite function. If we could create share-list through API then we can follow the job's process on smartphone. It will reduce our time-cost for sit down and check which job has been completed. Thanks.

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+1 for a public API that could be connected to various applications such as terminal scripts or application launchers like alfred. 

Personally, one application for me would be connecting to it our monitoring platform for it to add a task in Todo automatically if there is an outage. 

I know this can be done by email but an API would be cooler ;)

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+1 for an API. It should be the best option for integration with others applications.


Would like to see this in order to open up the possibilities for integration with things like the task system in IDEs, like IntelliJ, Eclipse, etc.  Would definitely want to be able to create new items, add notes, change status/list/tag/assigned person, query by list, tag etc.

What's neat about Todo Cloud is it's person-centric approach (as opposed to the project-centric approach).  Project-centric is great for bug tracking, but one's personal backlog is not manageable when it is scattered over dozens of project systems.  With an API, it may be possible to create systems that offer the best of both.

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Interested in building an Alfred2 workflow to the API.  

Right now the only option is email, which limits the usefulness as not many people (that i know)  have the native mail client set up on their Mac. 




How about simple API to just add new task? Like e-mail.

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