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Appigo, so glad that you now have a forum.  I really think that it will lead to positive results for users and for Appigo.

As a user, I normally view forums as great opportunities for feedback. me, it demonstrates that a company is listening and cares about its customers.  It doesn't mean that companies without forums don't care, but to some of us, it is a way that a customer and company stay in touch.



Thank you for your question.

We have gotten behind in keeping up with the forum in part because of the holidays and the other part is the forum software we use. Parts of forum software are great, but one of the things it lacks is a notification when new topics & replies are added.

Now that the holidays are over and we are aware of the lack of feedback we will receive from the forum software we will be giving a much better effort to respond to the forum.

Are we going to see some (more) answers from Appigo here to questions asked and suggestions made ?
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