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Suggestions for Todo 7 and beyond...

Learning new things each day using Todo 7!

Here are some ideas, suggestions that would be helpful to me and, perhaps, to others...

  1. Assign Actions: ability to choose more than one contact
  2. Completed Tasks: option to keep more than a year or archive and bring back (for those who may have yearly projects)
  3. Heading (at top) vs. Preferences...would really like filters on heading vs. going back to preferences (due date, priority, etc)

Thanks for your work!

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So a couple of questions for you on the suggestions...

Assign Actions with more than one contact.  I'm not sure how this would work.  Maybe you can give specific examples of what you'd like it to do.  I guess email and sms would be able to send to a group, but I'm not sure any of the other actions would work with more than one contact.

Completed Tasks.  What if we put them off into an "archive" section.  They would no longer be in the normal flow of tasks but you could go look through there for historical reasons.  Is that what you are looking for?

I'm not sure where that would go at the top, we want to avoid crowding that any more and making it overwhelming, but maybe we enhance the filter toolbar to include those options?  the filter toolbar is going to be sticky in 7.0.1 so it will remain in the position you leave it.

LOVE the idea of an archive section for completed tasks. I too often need to go back over historical data further than one year.

Assign actions...another app (if you em me I will let you know...wasn't sure if I should leave it out) just added this recently and I found it useful.  You are able to make multiple checkmarks on contacts.  I don't think that it allows groups.

Completed Tasks...yes, archiving would be very helpful.

Yes, I understand about not wanting to crowd.  So, yes enhancing filter bar would be great!  Perhaps next to calendar?

Todo 7 for iOS looks great, but the notes field does note handle hyperlinks. The way it is, one has to copy the hyperlink and paste it in the browser. Lots of clicks for something that should be simple. Besides, notes field in task view is so small and have no scroll. It would be nice if we could really read the notes in full (and not only a few lines) when you pop up a task.
I suggest that the to do items are indexable to iphone spotlight do they can be found in a general search of the iphone
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