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Notebook & ios7

Been using notebook several years. Have over 250 entries in a notebook sorted by date. When I try to go from one entry to a previous entry by clicking on the notebook name the AP quits. Also I sorely miss "bold and italic" capabilities lost with a previous version.

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Still bombing. Please update.

The update has been submitted, there is nothing we can do but wait for Apple to approve it.  Again, I'll post here when its approved and released.

Having the same problem PLUS Text Expander is not working in Notebook. I'm ready for a fix!
My NoteBook on ios7 had a problem. "Back Home" or back... The NoteBook app crashes every time.

Whew! After reading these posts, I'm in a way glad that I'm not the only one having the IOS compatibility issue. Was already thinking of switching to another Notebook app as I noted that the last update for this software was in Feb 2012. If you are still open to getting Beta users, please include me. Thanks!

Have same problem but only on iPhone. Have received messages saying it is fixed but nothing on the App Store. Wish they would get this resolved.

I'm also having the same issue where the Notebook app just crashes/closes when I try to move to other screens within the app.


Same exact problems here.  lol....just noticed the window I'm typing this entry into offers bold, italic, underlining, etc, etc.   How ironic.


My NoteBook on ios7 have same problem. "Back Home" NoteBook is crash!


We've submitted an update to Apple that corrects the issue.  Let's hope for a speedy approval from them.  I'll post back here when it's out.

We have a build nearly ready to go but would like some beta users to look at it.  I'll send each commenter an email individually so you can optionally sign up to run the beta.


I've noticed that the integration between Notebook and ToDo is broken with the latest release of ToDo. I wonder what plans (if any) Appigo has for their Notebook app?
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