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Calendar view suggestions

Two suggestions re: calendar view:

1 - I'm really liking the calendar view in the new iOS app.  But, I have a number of projects with subtasks, and on the calendar view, it only displays the main project task and never the subtasks (and it appears there's currently no way to get to the subtasks from the calendar view...?).  I'd really like to see those subtasks listed individually on the days they're due in calendar view; it would give me a much better way to see my workload for the day.

2 - I'm sure this has been requested before...but could we get a calendar view for the website itself?  I find myself using it pretty frequently, and that would be a great enhancement to match the iOS app.

Thanks, by the way, for a great product I've come to rely on, and for having such responsive, open support and development teams!

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Agree with calendar view - ability to set as default as well. Finally, ability to check off tasks as done from the calendar view would be ideal.


I would like to see a calendar view that imports your phone calendars, so you can see what you have going that day in one place, and see what tasks you actually can do that day. I would LOVE to have a full day view like the Planner Plus app that shows you your whole day: appointments and todos. This app is free, and is very comparable to todo cloud. If you don't add this feature for the calendars, I'm likely to switch. Why pay for something you're not getting, when someone else has it free?
I'm working on an iPad. One of the things that I really like about Todo Cloud is the ability to collapse sub-tasks behind the title of the project. If you wants listed separately, why not create them as separate tasks? You can easily see all your tasks, appointments etc for one day by touching today's date on the calendar. You can even re-arrange them by touching the multi-select tool (the three parallel lines on the top right of the screen) which makes the three parallel lines appear next to each item. These lines allow you to slide the items up or down so that you can change the order.
I would like the calendar to start the week on a Monday with a high lighted weekend
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