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RFE: Another sort option required

Currently you are offering "due date - priority" and "priority - due date". I would request an additional sort option. I would like to see an option which groups the todo's by day and then - per day - orders the todo's by priority. So for every day all really important todo's are grouped together on the top. This is very important for me, because my daily list easily spans more than one screen page, so scrolling to find the important items is not nice. And the alternative (grouping by priority) scatters the view putting todo's into sight which need not (and often cannot) be done now. Hope I made my point clear... Thanks for listening! Michael

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I would like even more flexibility in sorting. Why not have a setting that allows you to specify sorting rules. I want to see my list sorted by date, context, and then priority (and then perhaps length) without having to change views. Sometimes I'm working in one context but want to see other contexts coming up. For example, I may be wondering if I need to move on to my errands.

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