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Automatically Clear Uncompleted Tasks

I would love to see the ability to have certain tasks automatically cleared if not completed by their due date/time. For example, I have tasks that are set to repeat every day but are more aspirational than important (e.g., read a book). So, if I don't get around to it today, I would rather the task just automatically reset itself for tomorrow rather than show as overdue tomorrow. Obviously I can currently just check the task as completed manually, but an automatic feature would make it cleaner.

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I would like this too. I have a checklist for stuff to do at work which I have neglected to check off as completed since the beginning of December. Now I will have to sit there and check off each one for each day (there are at least 15 tasks per day). Really wish there was a way to automatically clear all non-completed tasks. 

I agree that an 'automatic task rollover' capability (moving rather than clearing) would be a most valuable function. Having to manually reposition things that didn't get done today over to tomorrow is a bit of a chore. Could this please be included in a not-to-distant upgrade - or have I missed some existing way of setting things up to do this? Many thanks.
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