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[All] Don't include the folder 'Project' as a task item for badge count

I like that I have the option to use Projects as a sub-list but it's not efficient/ideal if it's actually counted as a task item. It always appears as if I have tasks to complete even though they are all completed. For example:

List Name = Shopping

........Project 1 = Food

................task 1 = Milk

................task 2 = Bread

........Project 2 = Clothing

................task 1 = Socks

................task 2 = Hat

List name 'Shopping' will show 6 tasks due because it counts the name of the Project's (Food & Clothing) as a task in addition to the task's (Milk, BreadSocksHat)). Shouldn't it only show 4 tasks left to do? Therefore under the list name "Shopping" and after checking off milk, bread, socks and hat there should be ZERO tasks left to do. This way we can keep our project folders alive & ready for the next inevitability.

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even more confusing:

in all lists there's no chance to distinguish between projects and checklists (see also, but with checklists only the checklist itself is counted, not it's contained tasks (of course), which is correct I think – but is contrary to the above (where my opinion also is, to count only the contents of a project, but not that itself).

Something we can take a look at, probably an option to count or not count projects as tasks.

I installed Todo Cloud on my iPhone last night, and this is one of the first walls I ran into.  It really messes up the All and Focus list views to the level where it's just not reliable.  

I set up my personalized lists according to the GTD buckets (see attached).  So for me, putting Projects in a GTD bucket doesn't make sense.  But, putting Checklists (and Normal Tasks) in a GTD bucket does.  Currently Todo doesn't allow Checklists to be placed in a personalized list.  Today I opened a ticket to ask if Normal Tasks can contain Subtasks, and then remove the Checklist type altogether.  We'll see how it goes.  

BTW:  You'll notice I do have a PROJECTS list.  I needed it to simply get the Projects out of the Inbox. 

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