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Todo Cloud - issues to resolve and feature requests

Todo Cloud 7.01 for iOS contained a number of improvements and fixes. However, I believe there is still room for improvement or bringing back some features that made previous versions of Todo Pro outstanding, such as those requested under items 1 and 2 below. Below please see my points and please feel free to add yours (I am also eagerly awaiting Appigo's feedback on the below):

1. Bottom bar: This is still the main drawback of the new version of the app (in particular on the iPhone). After a few weeks already spent with Todo Cloud, I can confirm that once the app has been configured, there is virtually no need to keep the settings button "on the front page". The same applies to the "add new folder" and "organise folders" buttons. The "help button" has become obsolete already after one-time use.

It would be far more useful and productive to have task filters (member, context, tags) again available on the home screen. Similarly, the "add new task" button on the home screen would be extremely helpful and is painfully missing (it is even more painful when I look at the "add new folder" button, which I use only from time to time - ultimately, how many folders one is going to add??).

2. In previous version of Todo Pro, I could jump directly from the task I was editing into the project it belonged to; in Todo Cloud I cannot do the trick and after editing a task (being part of a project), I have to manually find the project and only then edit it, which is very inconvenient. Please restore the feature.

3. Multiple items edit should remain active until all actions have been completed by the user. Now I can make only one group change a at time (e.g. I can add context to a bunch of items, but if I want to add tags to them as well, I have to select the items again and only then add tags; any additional change requires re-selection of the items involved). This is certainly not too convenient.

4. Starting dates (issue) - I still think there is an issue here: e.g. if I skip a recurring task, the next occurrence will show a completely unrelated date in green in the task overview. Interestingly, when I open such task, all dates are correctly displayed and, funny (but annoying) thing, there will be no reference to the date displayed in green in the overview; after closing the task, I will again see the strange date in green. Please check the problem (I do not think this issue existed in Todo Pro 6).

5. Background sync doesn't work on my devices (even though the settings seem correct) - the app syncs only after I switch to it.

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You took the words out of  my mouth......

Two thing to add:
Sub-tasks appearing in focus list should show it's project's name next to the task, currently it shows 'project'.
Projects should have 3 tasks level. i.e Project, sub-task, sub sub-task.



In order to get 3 task levels you can add a checklist under a project, then add sub items to the checklist.

I have to disagree regarding the exclusion of the add/organize lists button... I do agree that the help button becomes redundant quickly, rather just a general help file in settings may be preferable... I have to say the feature/change I'd most like to see is the ability to create/organize sub lists with the ability to share selective sub-lists for instance I use the app for school and would like to have a main 'school' list and then a sub-list for each subject in which all of the tasks in the sub-lists would appear in the parent folder. Additionally the ability to share projects independently would be very useful; such as in my case if I had a series of group projects with different participants in each that tasks could be delegated without having to pool my class members in the list used for the class. I very much agree that the multiple item edit mode should not cycle back to the general 'view' mode after every group edit. Lastly, the creation of a 'export todo list' to a pdf would be useful for instances such as printing or archiving project progress
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