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Print with Todo 7.0 Cloud ?

Can not print with Todo 7.0 cloud !

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The writing of Todo 7.0 cloud is too large for the Iphone. The overview in 6.0 was better here.
This is bizarre, and either I am going mad or the application architects for this app are.  I cannot find out how to print from the IPAD version 7-0-1.  Combine this with no sensible ability to print a complete list from a modern Browser (FF17 on a corporate laptop).

I really used to like this application a couple of years ago, and sadly these kind of fundamental gaps in function are why this app is slipping down the list, and is nowhere near the top of 'best iPAD task management apps'.


ooohhh .. I've found it .....
For the benefit of others:
1. select list
2. hit the three bar gate at top right
3. Click next .. at top right
4. There it is .. at the bottom right of the popup as icon 24 after 23 other almost illegible greyed out and inactive (so why bother showing them)symbols

Obvious really .. ha ha. .. and why does it it print a second blank page when only half of the first page was printed.

PS: to make me really happy, please add a print to PDF and email function


Yes! PDF to email!

 I have added your vote to this request to be able to print to PDF. We unfortunately cannot confirm if and when new features or products will be added, but our developers are constantly reviewing feature requests for new ideas and ways to improve our products. You can keep track of our latest updates, and new products in our Facebook page or through our Twitter announcements.

Printing with the web interface is not available - please add.

Also add the feature to e-mail the list!!!


To print in Todo Cloud all you need to do is use the browser. Click File > print from the browser menu.


But when you do that the Notes don't print.

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