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[All] Retain Links to Evernote Notes

I would like to see pasted (attached) Evernote note links retained by Todo.

In Evernote one can "Copy Note Link" which can be pasted into other applications, in this case a Todo Task (note section), but that link is lost to Todo once the Task is closed and/or when synced with Todo iOS.  I would like to see these links recognized and retained within Todo (OSX) and synced with Todo (iOS).

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Why not take it one step further and actually integrate evernote into todo?

Ie, have a field where you paste in the evernote link and it actually retrieves the note and displays it within Todo? Using Evernote's API editing the note within Todo would also edit it within Evernote!

That would be a killer feature for me.

Fully agree with TJ Nass. Or at least open the evernote item in the Evernote app. For example if I have a task to review a document I could jump right into the document I in Evernote. 

As an Evernote user I agree, especially since you can't attach documents to tasks.

Love the idea of Evernote integration - would really help workflow.

Some Todo Pro users are using TaskClone  to integrate Todo Pro with Evernote.  Essentially, TaskClone copies or "clones" todo items in Evernote and sends them to Todo Pro via the email-in capability of Todo Pro.  All of the special syntax you can use to specify task parameters in Todo Pro is preserved - See Todo Pro Article.  TaskClone adds a note link to the task in Todo Pro and it would be great if that note link is clickable.  

Would make a great combination of Evernote and ToDo Pro.

I agree.

This would be VERY powerful and a welcome feature that would endear me even more to Todo Cloud!

My productivity would increase because, as mentioned above, there would be no need to look for specific documents or notes/files.

Another vote for full Evernote integration.

I would like to see active hyperlinks in the app that could be clicked to open a document on my local hard drive or an internet address as well as to Evernote.  I think this is the same concept.

I also would like to see Evernote integration, it would make a great product tops. 

At the moment it is possible to add an active Evernote link to a task, by a round about route - paste into the note the actual link rather than the Title and link as produced by desktop Evernote. I achieve this at the moment by pasting the Evernote output from "Copy Note Link" into the task Note, right click and select "Edit Link" and then copy and paste the actual link of the form evernote:///view.... into the note and add a cr. I leave the original paste, which will just become text when the task is closed, since it gives me the Evernote note title.

Lindsay, yes I have also using that method until the previous iOS update and links in task notes was lost, but I see that has now been fixed. It is a bit of a work-around though which is why I would like to see the original Evernote link remain active (in the task note or some other means such as a dedicated task action).
Agreed with the others. Would love the Evernote integration; linking task to specific Evernote notes.

Note links work in iOS (Thanks Lindsay). unfortunately, no luck in web or Android versions.  Can someone check the Mac version?

They work in the Mac version the same as iOS

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