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[All] Today list

Add a 'Today' folder between 'All Tasks' and 'Focus List'. Although the Focus List can be set to show 'today' only, I like the idea of a today only (or today and overdue) list leaving the focus list to get a quick view of what the following day or days (sellect setting) hold in store.

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Oh yeah.


It's pretty easy to achieve without having a special box. All you have to do is select ALL TASKS (or any other folder) and touch today's date on the calendar. Only the items due and completed TODAY, in the selected folder, will be visible.
I like the idea of JUST today stuff ... one click and you're there ...


+1 cool idea.

I think there should be a special "today list" but it would be used for recurring items that are done on a certain day and then repeated the next day or next Tuesday, etc.  I see many requests that relate to this type of function and it really is not easy to use Todo Cloud this way.  For example: we have an item every Tuesday and Friday "Place supply order."  Anyone can complete this task and check it off and it's important to get done but you can't do Tuesday's order on Monday and by Wednesday we don't need to see that Tuesday's order was done because by then alarms would be ringing everywhere and heads would be rolling.  Also, we don't need to see the Friday todo as soon as we complete the Tuesday todo because someone might mistakenly not see the date and do the Tuesday order again.

We don't want to only see the "Today" items either.  We want to see all of our ongoing projects at the same time we see the critical daily items.

Another way to do this would be to hide items that haven't reached their start date yet and then allow for setting start and due dates separately for all recurring items.

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