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Starring tasks and checklist items

I used starred tasks frequently in v6, and I find that it's a less useful/easy-to-access feature in v7.  Here's what I'm missing and would love to get back:

1 - Ability to star a task or group of tasks from whatever view I'm in.  (For instance, in my Focus List view, I would select the edit option and could just tap the little star icon on as many tasks as I wanted without going into the full task setting screen.  Very useful for focusing on just a few list items at a time.)

2 - Ability to star checklist items.  (I used this quite often to temporarily toss a checklist item onto my focus list, and also as a way to prioritize or focus on multiple checklist items.  I found it made checklists much more flexible and useful.  For example, I have a weekly cleaning checklist, and if I had enough time just to knock out the top floor of the house, I'd star the cleaning checklist items for that floor so I can see them at a glance.)

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It's pretty easy to do any way. All you have to do is use the multi-select tool (the three parallel lines on the top right (next to the date icon), check the ones you want, touch NEXT (again on the top right of the screen), select the STAR icon and they are all done in a flash.
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