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[Todo iOS] Display subtasks of projects/checklists in the main window

A project or a checklist on the Todo 7 iOS app is displayed like a normal task but with a colored square on the right displaying the number of task/subtasks it's containing. The misleading thing is that you would think by tapping on this number, you would get to the tasks/subtasks within this project/checklist (which would seem logic to me), but instead you get to the task editor. In my opinion, tapping the task itself (not the colored square) should get you to the editor (like it would with a normal task) and tapping the colored square should get you to the tasks/subtasks within this project/checklist.

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If some people prefer it as currently implemented, at least give us the option in Settings to configure as Cyrillic has suggested.
In Todo 7, the logic of how you select Projects items and set the date for the task seem backwards.

When i tap the task, this should bring up the details of the task (ie: date, alert, time, etc).

When I select the number of projects to a task, this should open the list of project items. 

Also, when I have the Project drilled down with the items listed, I have to close the project, then reopen it if i want to change the date of the project. 

Todo 6 has better functionality for all of the above.  Todo 7 is nice and flashy, but I still like the simplicity of Todo 6.  Please bring the functionality of 6 to 7.


 How is everyone liking the latest update that changed how projects and checklist are displayed and accessed?

I think it's much better than before! Well done! But there's one other problem. If you're in the search view (and finally found the task you were looking for) you just can't edit it. Not a checklist, or a project and not even a basic task. I think the option to edit them should be available everywhere! Please fix that!
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