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[Todo iOS] Calendar Integration

I searched the topics to see if this was already mentioned but didn't see it, so apologies if it is already in discussion.

I would love to see calendar integration for IOS so it pulls scheduled events into the list view. When scheduling task due dates and times, it is helpful to see what is already scheduled so there is less conflict and shuffling. Ideally it would place the event right in chronological order with the task due dates and times. This would make it easier to plan tasks - instead of having to look in two different places to determine what can be done and when.

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I agree there would be value in this provided there is a specific list for calendar events (or they can be assigned to a specific list) and there is choice to include calendar events in the focus list (and when listed they are subject to focus list settings).

Was just searching in hope of finding out how to do this.  This is essential to keep things running smoothly.  Please do integrate!

I agree with CALENDER INGEGRATION and not just a CALENDER VIEW of tasks in Todo.  As indicated by Nathaniel, being able to see the calendar events --- with the exception:  I'd prefer to see the calendar events separate from tasks in Todo.  I like the implementation of this in "OmniFocus".  They call it "Forecast" - not a bad idea.

Maybe even give a settings option to have calendar events inline or separated....


Deciding on the due date or start date of a project.  You see Tues isn't any good because you'll be out of town for 3 days.  Choices are made based on that knowledge, which would be better to see from one place rather than back and forth between Todo and Calendars.

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Would love to see Todo tasks on the notifications screen with the calendar on iOS. Loving the new iOS layout.

I could not agree more that integrating Todo with calendar is a must. 

I use BusyCal which draws upon my calendar hosted with Google and which I access on all my devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad...etc.). While the new "calendar view" in Todo is a step in the right direction and I appreciate the effort, it's [nearly] of no value if I can't also see everything else I have scheduled in my calendar. Ideally there would be a toggle that allowed me to toggle-on or toggle-off todo tasks in calendar.  

Votes or not, may I suggest full calendar integration is among the highest priorities and a feature which if brought to market would put Todo in a class all by itself. Granted, you are already in a class all by yourself, but think of it as a class no one else could touch.

Pretty Please?

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I came here looking to see how to sync my ToDo Pro with Google Calendar.  I take it from this post and replies that there is no sync to ios calendars or Google calendar.  Right?

Add me to the list of people requesting a sync feature?

And why do I have a Google Calendar task category now and how do I delete it?

Thanks, I really like ToDo.  Great job.



The ability to Convert tasks into calendar events (and maybe vice versa) would be nice as well. Pocket informant and Gneo has this feature so it would be great if it can be added to Todo Cloud as well. 

Yes, please create Google cal, mail, task, and chrome integration.  Please. . . Cal view is so critical to looking at an overview of task and events scheduled.  When planning task and events seeing them all together helps efficiency planning.


My opinion is for there to be a calendar per ToDo Cloud list.  This way your desktop and mobile device calendars can turn items on and off by lists simply by selecting which calendars are visible. 

On iOS (at least), the side benefit of this is that shared ToDo Cloud lists would automatically result in a calendar on all parties' calendar applications as a special calendar to be turned on or off at will.

Any ToDoCloud item with date/time information should appear on its list's calendar, otherwise not appear at all. If there is only a Due date, then it is an "All Day" event for that day.  If there is a due date / time, then it is scheduled at that time with a short duration. If there is both start and end date/time info, then the calendar event should reflect those as event start/end times.

Personally, I'm not really interested in integration with the iOS reminders application -- ToDo Cloud is my task list, not the built-in reminders app.

Yes!  Please!  I have yet to find an app that manages this type of functionality and does it well!

My work-around may be a little out of date since Appigo have added their new TodoCloud stuff, but it used to be possible (using the paid-for Todo iOS app) to sync using ToodleDo ( which is free. So you now have a perfectly in-sync Todo and ToodleDo apps. Now all you need to do is create a ToodleDo Calendar within your Gmail Calendar settings (see and you now have your Todo list within your Google Caledar! It's a bit of a fudge - but it always used to work for me (I've since moved to Any.Do and Cal)

This is a must for both Mac and iOS. +1

Ops,  I may have just bought the wrong product.  Coming from Pocket Informant, It never occurred to me that a task manager such as ToDo would not have such a basic feature.  Without a functional integrated calendar I have no context on which to hang my tasks.

Very Sad


+1 love this idea. Maybe as a very simple start, create a new ics file in my cloud folder that updates when any updates occur to my cloud tasks. Then I can easily integrate into any / all of my calendars.
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