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[Todo iOS] Calendar Integration

I searched the topics to see if this was already mentioned but didn't see it, so apologies if it is already in discussion.

I would love to see calendar integration for IOS so it pulls scheduled events into the list view. When scheduling task due dates and times, it is helpful to see what is already scheduled so there is less conflict and shuffling. Ideally it would place the event right in chronological order with the task due dates and times. This would make it easier to plan tasks - instead of having to look in two different places to determine what can be done and when.

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I am currently using this app as well as TImeful app.  It would be great to integrate these two apps together then it's a heaven app for me!


+1 for anything that gets ToDo somehow someway integrated with the iOS Calendar. Over a year ago, I suggest the simplest approach I could think of and here we are still noodling over it. Not to sound overly frustrated, but what does it take for an idea to get traction and / or developer feedback? 175 people liking this idea? Done. Several ideas on how? Done. 

Throw us a bone.


Now you're up to 186 "Likes" on this topic. Come on guys - collaborate with the folks that are trying to collaborate with you. 

What will it take to get some feedback on ical integration?!?!?

Do you guys monitor the forums anymore? My approach seems so simple to do - create an ics file using an event that triggers what any change has occurred on a user's account. The protocol for this is already out there - structure, format, etc. Read only. I'll bet only 3 hours of work and I'd love to help you beta test. 

I'd even help fund it.


+1 on calendar integration - it would be something that I would use, and would love to see incorporated.  I know other to-do lists sync with the iCal and others.

It would be a great feature to add

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I'm trying to recommend this app to our entire team. Without the calendar integration, it's gonna be a tough sell.

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Hello Developer-Team,

first of all, thanks for this beautiful app which I use daily.

There are still two important things I miss in Todo (which are related) :

  1. Calendar integration
    To schedule my tasks I need to know when there is a time slot. So I have to switch to iCal to have a look, wether there is a gap at the indended time or not. In addition, the possibility to select the displayed calendar would be perfect.

  2. Convert a task into a date
    I don't know if that fits here 100%, but very often a task results in an appointment. For instance "Make hairdressing appointment". After calling I have to set the appointment into iCal. If I would only take note of this appointment in Todo I have to look in both, iCal and Todo if somebody asks: "Can we meet on friday at 8?".

Cheers and greetings from Berlin


First of all thanks for your great Todo-App. I tried a lot and this is really the best for me.

However, I would also love to see the calendar integration in todo!

It's really annoying to check my calendar first before scheduling a task.

Above all its important to have the option to choose which calendar will be shown.

Integration with iOS Calendar is a must to be able to plan the full day ahead. When is this coming?
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