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share only tasks that are relevant

Hi, I'm sharing a list with a colleague and these lists contain tasks for me and task to him. There should be a way so he sees only the tasks that are to him, not mine... eg, on a given project, he should not see all activities but only the ones for him. There should be a way, either to mark some tasks as private (ie not visible by others than me) or to set the list, so people only see the tasks they are assigned. Are there such plans in your next releases? This is very problematic otherwize.

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This is also a major problem for us. I used to be able to do this in the older version but the option to view assigned and/or sprcific tags seems to have disappeared. We have many tasks and only want to view the ones assigned to ourselves. Did you get a response to this question Jean-Noel?

i use todo for both personal projects, and for my small business. i would now like to share certain projects with my growing staff, but not everything. how do i do this?

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