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Separate Task Type into Task Type and Task Action

I love your ToDo suite of apps - I use them daily.

I want to suggest an expansion of an existing functionality - namely, Task Types, and specifically the ACTION portion (Call a Contact, Email a Contact, SMS a Contact, Visit a Location and Visit a Website).

In many situations, I have a need for more than just one ACTION for a task. Some Tasks require that I call two or more people, or call a contact AND visit a location, or visit a location AND SMS a contact, or email multiple people, etc. You get the point.

My suggestion is: 

1. Separate the Task Type (Normal, Project, Checklist) from the Task Action (Call, Email, SMS, etc).

2. For Task Type, retain the same functionality as you currently have (Normal, Project, Checklist).

3. Create a new field, Task Action.

4. Allowable options for the Task Action would be the same as you currently have - Call a Contact, Email a Contact, SMS a Contact, Visit a Location and Visit a Website.

5. Allow for x number of Task Actions per task, similar to how you do Task Alerts.

Hope this makes sense. 



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That's great input, and in fact is exactly what we did (mostly) in Todo 7 and Todo Cloud 7.  The task types are pretty much gone and Task Actions can be added to any task.  We haven't taken them to the point where you can add multiple actions on a task but it's a possibility and something we'll monitor here.

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