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Expand All/Contract All buttons or hotkeys


I created a project called "Home Projects".  Inside there are 20 or so projects for various small projects around the house.  Each project has several steps, all contained in each project.  This is a very common setup, I would think.

Whenever I go to the "Home Projects" list, all of the  projects are "rolled up" and all display counts of sub-tasks in various states -- with overdue due dates, etc.  In order to see what I need to do, as an overview (or to do a GTD Review!), I need to click the triangle to open every one.  It drives me nuts.  I just want to see all tasks and manipulate them without having to open all of the sub-projects every time.

Ideally an "Expand All" button or hotkey (and a converse "Contract all") would serve the need.

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I agree 100% with the original poster.

As an implementation method, I'd like suggest that the "zoom level" slider could cause collapsed projects to expand when slid to max zoom. Or a separate "Expand All"/"Collapse All" control (Gmail has a good implementation) would work.

Please make this a priority. Navigating a tree of tasks is currently the most painful part of using this otherwise excellent app!

I think this would be very helpful

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